1988 Cold Case SOLVED!

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1988 Cold Case SOLVED!

Post by pete » Tue Nov 14, 2023 5:45 am

https://www.walb.com/2023/11/13/1988-co ... gherty-co/

WAYCROSS, Ga. (WALB) - After 35 years with no arrests and no identity of Ware County Baby Jane Doe, both the identity and suspects in her death have been identified.

In a news conference on Monday, the GBI, along with the Ware County Sheriff’s Office, Dougherty County district attorney, and others, announced the identity of the child’s body that was found on December 21, 1988.

Kenyatta “Keke” Odom, a 5-year-old, was identified as the child. According to court records, she died from having two parts of her body put in hot water.

Details including the motive of her death have yet to be released, however, two suspects have now been indicted on charges related to her death.

Kenyatta’s mother, Evelyn Odom, 56, also known as Zmecca Lucina, and her then boyfriend, Ulyster Sanders, 61, both from Albany, are now facing five indictments including felony murder, first-degree cruelty to children, aggravated battery, conspiracy to commit a crime and concealing death of another..........photos
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