I have natural gas furnaces

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I have natural gas furnaces

Post by Pete » Sun Jan 01, 2023 11:06 am

one in the attic, another in the crawl space

we switched nat gas providers last week

the old company removed their meter and the new outfit installed their meter. I never heard of such a thing but I guess that's how it works.

the gas companies now insist on lighting your furnaces and/or water heaters where applicable. I guess its a liability issue.

I was traveling and my wife called and said the gas dude couldn't get either furnace lit. He wrote on the receipt to "call in HVAC to repair both furnaces". I told her let's not lose our heads just yet, I'll be home tomorrow.

The unit in the crawl lit up for me in like 5 seconds tops. The unit in the attic was a bit more trouble but I noticed a wire hanging down in plain sight. I went back down in the crawl to look at that unit to ascertain where that wire might go (both units identical). I went back up, connected the wire, and the unit fired up immediately.

Not sure why that gas co knobjob had trouble when a layman could do it in 15 minutes :nesaitpas:

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