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Post by pete » Mon Nov 13, 2023 7:14 pm

The Sato Project faces a new and pressing challenge that seriously threatens the well-being of the beloved satos of Puerto Rico. We've witnessed a significant drop in adoptions, a situation we've never encountered in our twelve years of dedicated operation. To compound our concerns, our long-standing shelter partners in the Northeast, with whom we've tirelessly collaborated to find loving homes for these beautiful dogs, are now filled to capacity and unable to accept our precious satos, as they are dealing with their own overpopulation crisis on the mainland.

The current issue results from a convergence of multiple factors. During the early days of the pandemic, the surge in dog adoptions was a silver lining, with countless households eager to provide loving homes for dogs. As the pandemic waned, adoptions took a steep plunge due to rising living expenses and the return to normalcy. Most families who aspired to adopt had already done so.

As we strive to identify new adoption prospects for our satos, we are compelled to confront a dire situation: the island's unchecked overpopulation of strays and abandoned dogs. This seemingly simple and straightforward matter harbors terrible consequences. The dog population has exploded due to the lack of effective spay and neuter programs on the island. Each year that essential services remain inaccessible, our population control efforts suffer a setback of a decade. Right now, we are already witnessing this population boom. We are dedicating all our efforts to combat this situation with unwavering resolve. We understand that if the numbers continue to escalate, the island's government may intervene with its own measures to control the population. We are determined to avert such an outcome at all costs.

We thank you for being by our side this year...........
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