What Really Happened at Andersonville Civil War Prison?

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What Really Happened at Andersonville Civil War Prison?

Post by Pete » Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:25 pm

"........I was surprised to learn that from the small , suburban town that I grew up in New England, there was a group of Union soldiers who became prisoners at Andersonville. I was MORE surprised to find out that MOST of them DIED there !! Once the prisoner exchanges were halted, prisons on BOTH SIDES became hell - holes of death..especially up NORTH, despite the endless resources that could have been used to take care of the men versus the South, that was starving. A few years back, I stopped my car in Elmira ,New York...where MarkTwain is buried near his daughter. I asked a local where the prison was for the Confederate soldiers and he had NO IDEA of what I was talking about. How come there is NO "memorial' THERE for the brutal camp the Confederates called " Hellmira",or, a memorial at Camp Douglas in Chicago where THOUSANDS of rebels died in the freezing cold and many had their bodies thrown into Lake Michigan !! Make NO mistake.....these camps were DEATH CAMPS....they were run in a manner to KILL the inmates, or, at least to impose cruel suffering and starvation. The North had NO excuse for this....with all the food and supplies available. These camps were an EXPRESSION of the bitterness and HATRED at the time of the war. This hatred continued for many, many years. I hope Americans learn of this to remember the depravity the people WILL committ, when ALLOWED to !! The Nazis were not the ONLY sadistic bastards on the earth.....ALL HUMANS are capable of this....when ALLOWED..."


https://www.nps.gov/ande/learn/historyc ... pplies.htm
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