Got stung in the face by a wasp

Just what the doctor ordered
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Got stung in the face by a wasp

Post by Pete » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:55 pm

About 230pm edt.

Friend of mine has a Subaru with an overheating problem. Its been sitting for months. When i opened the door there was a big ol' wasp nest. Sob got me in the face. Im swollen up like Howard when he ate peanuts

Edit he has a new radiator with new hoses, new water pump, new thermostat. The fans are running. I think he has a leaking head gasket, allowing combustion gases into the water jacket and causing the thermostat to act funny
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Re: Got stung in the face by a wasp

Post by nolaxride » Mon Aug 27, 2018 12:45 am

Ouch... get better soon.. I hear beer work well at reducing swelling and reducing pain.
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