Wild weather everywhere..... could it be..... man-caused global warming??

Are you a Gorebot? A Denier? Let's mix it up here and figure this issue out!
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Wild weather everywhere..... could it be..... man-caused global warming??

Post by barrysoetoro » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:33 am

https://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/ ... 350620002/

Wild, weird weather is coming to the U.S. this week with snow and record cold in the West, record warmth in the East, and a threat of heavy flooding rain in the central part of the USA.

Wintry West

Widespread snow will persist through late Tuesday across parts of the western mountains and into the High Plains as a strong cold front slides through the Rockies and into the central U.S., the National Weather Service said. Accumulations will be heavy at times, especially for the central Rockies, where more than 18 inches of snow is possible.

The weather service issued winter storm warnings for much of the higher elevations of Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, and for parts of the Plains from western South Dakota to northwestern Nebraska, the Weather Channel said.

Dangerous winter weather conditions, including blowing snow and high winds, are expected in these areas.

Record cold is also forecast in parts of the West, all along the I-5 corridor from Seattle to Portland to Sacramento and Bakersfield, Calif., AccuWeather said. San Francisco will join this list.

More: The polar vortex just split. What does that mean for us?

Lows Tuesday morning will drop into the 20s in central California. The weather service warned of a frightful night for people, pets and pipes.

"Definitely a critically cold night ahead for livestock, pets, outdoor pipes, and lastly valley vegetation which has experienced an earlier than usual spring bloom," the weather service in Hanford, Calif., said.

Nope. I'm gonna keep on driving, keep on exhaling, not get solar panels, not buy a stupid Tesla or Prius, buy lots of gas, work hard, and be happy!

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