Tesla just became the most valuable carmaker in America

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Tesla just became the most valuable carmaker in America

Post by evilconempire » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:35 pm

by Danielle Wiener-Bronner

Tesla has inched ahead of General Motors to become the most valuable car company in America.

The electric-car maker hit a market value of $50.84 billion on Monday, edging past GM (GM) at $50.79 billion.

It's another milestone for Tesla (TSLA), which passed Ford (F), valued at about $45 billion, last week. And Tesla is inching closer to Japan's Honda (HMC), which has a market value of about $54 billion. Toyota, the most valuable car company in the world, is three times as big.

Lindland doesn't think the attention Tesla's been getting from the stock market is necessarily unwarranted, especially if electric and self-driving cars take off as expected.

"When we think about the future of mobility, they're very well-positioned," she says.

Investors are also optimistic about Tesla's upcoming Model 3 car. At $35,000, the electric car will cost less than the Model S and Model, and could help make the brand more accessible to middle-class shoppers.
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