New Gasless Generator Saves Lives

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New Gasless Generator Saves Lives

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 7:36 am

New Gasless Generator Saves Lives

Don't let this happen to you.

A tragedy has occurred in Michigan. A family of six became the latest victims to an epidemic sweeping across America.

It's not a viral outbreak, murderous crime spree, or even a natural disaster...

This poor family thought they were just restoring the electricity in their residence after a minor power outage.

They went to church, came home and went to sleep...

And never woke up.

Like many Americans wishing to maintain power when the lights go out, this family purchased a gas generator and placed it in their basement.

Little did they realize that when they switched their generator "on", they were also ending their own lives.

Gasoline powered generators can provide some electricity, but they also give off deadly carbon monoxide gas, which is odorless, tasteless and can kill anything in its path in just minutes.

This family is just one tragic statistic, but according to the CDC, hundreds of people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning.

And yet, it doesn't have to be this way.

That's why many Americans are taking matters into their own hands and are securing their own solar powered generator.

Solar generators are a smart choice because they produce an endless supply of life-saving electricity when you need it most.

And they power your house without any gas, fumes or noise and without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our top recommendation in portable solar generators is the Patriot Power Generator 1500.

It's a breakthrough NEW device that generates up to 1500 continuous watts of clean and quiet renewable power.

That's enough to power lights for safety and comfort, your computer, TV, cellphone, even small appliances like a small freezer or critical medical device that will sustain your family during a power outage.

>> You can see a demo of it in action here

Imagine the peace of mind you'll have right away when you get your own.

Because if a crisis hits and your family asks, "When will the power come back on?"

You'll calmly reassure them that they are safe and they will have plenty of electricity to power the critical items.

You'll be able to power lights... preserve food... recharge cellphones and computers... or keep critical medical devices going.

Your residence will be a little island of light and warmth in a storm, be it natural or man-made.

This is exactly what happened to Jim when him and his family lost power recently.

Luckily for Jim and his loved ones, he was prepared with the Patriot Power Generator 1500.

Jim declares that this 1-of-a-kind generator is "worth its weight in GOLD."

Here's what happened to Jim, and how he "powered through" when his world went dark...

"Last Friday we had a freak lightning storm hit taking down the local power. The Electric Co. had no estimate as to when the power would be back up.

I pulled out my Patriot Power Generator and immediately connected my fridge, a light, and 4 cellphones and kept them charged.

The power was restored after 6 hours. I left the Patriot Power Generator running to see how far it would go. It ran for another 7 hours before the low charge alarm started sounding.

My family was very impressed. Thank you for a wonderful, easy to use product."

With unpredictable weather going on all across the country, it might be time to ask yourself if you're prepared to handle a blackout like Jim.

>> See the demonstration of how it's used here

The Patriot Power Generator 1500 is a breakthrough portable device that generates up to 1500 continuous watts of clean and quiet renewable power.

WATCH DEMO: ... b5=&email=

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Re: New Gasless Generator Saves Lives

Post by Pete » Wed Nov 06, 2019 3:13 pm

Whats the price? :nesaitpas:
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Re: New Gasless Generator Saves Lives

Post by Shred » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:10 pm

Some friends of mine had a diesel generator and didn't realise that these things need to be used outdoors, not indoors.
They can kill, my friends got lucky.

Solar with battery backup is a good alternative.
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