Mooch says Trump’s ‘Real’ Position on Climate Change would Surprise Everyone

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Mooch says Trump’s ‘Real’ Position on Climate Change would Surprise Everyone

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:56 pm

Mooch says Trump’s ‘Real’ Position on Climate Change would Surprise Everyone
Machiavelli Machiavelli January 2, 2018 2.1k Views

Former White House Communications Director, and friend of President Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, recently made an appearance on CNN with host Dana Bash.
One of the topics of conversation was this tweet, which the President had delivered tongue in cheek as another cold snap rocked our nation.

While some might see Trump’s comments as an obvious attack on Global Warming alarmists, the reality is that the tweet doesn’t actually lean one way or the other on whether or not climate change is “real.” Instead, the tweet focuses on the fact that the Paris Climate Accords would have forced the USA to pay out trillions of dollars to fight global warming, while most other nations would not be so inconvenienced.

Anthony “Mooch” Scaramucci told Bash that many folks might actually be surprised at Trump’s true beliefs on Climate Change, but the reality is that it’s really cold outside.

Scaramuuci: I love the president’s sense of humor, but I also think he’s saying something else. And I think you guys should ask him directly if he’s a climate change denier or not. I think you will find you will be surprised by that answer. But as it specifically…

Bash: Meaning — meaning — meaning you think that he believes — he believes that climate change is real and manmade?

Scaramucci: Well, I’m going to let him — you — hopefully, you guys will call a question out to him. I will let him answer that directly. I’m not going to answer that for him. But, more specifically, I think what he’s really saying in that tweet is that that deal, the Paris accord, there was something wrong in that deal as it related to the United States. And so he didn’t just want to sign it and go along with the crowd. I think what you will find with the president, he’s an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to diverge from crowd thinking. A lot of the times, in the early stages of that, they get ridiculed and picked on. But, longer-term, like a Jeff Bezos or a Steven Jobs, you see that their vision comes to fruition. And so my prediction is, is that some time at the end of 2018, people will look back at him and say, wow, he had a lot of common sense by getting out of that climate accord. But he’s pretty much a practical, commonsense-oriented guy. But, in the meantime, it is freezing here on this beautiful Sunday morning.

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