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Trains are racist now. Just thought I'd tell you

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:17 am
by Pete
After MARTA rail lines were laid all over Atlanta a few decades ago, MARTA has approached surrounding counties to see if they want to get on board (no pun). God knows MARTA could use more money. MARTA has never come close to making the kind of money they need to efficiently run their intermodal operation. Gwinnett and Cobb county voters have routinely voted MARTA proposals down, opting for their own respective bus services which interconnect with MARTA physically, but not financially

A young black fellow at one of our warehouses was complaining yesterday that the nearest MARTA train station was Doraville and that he had to hop a Gwinnett bus at the MARTA train station to finish his trip to work. He said it was racist that Gwinnett did not approve MARTA.

I told him if it was Gwinnett County's intent to keep certain ethnic groups out of the county, they are doing an abysmal job because the Gwinnett buses pick up anybody that wants to board at the last northbound MARTA station and takes them anywhere they want to go in Gwinnett County