Is it racist to call someone "racist"?

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Is it racist to call someone "racist"?

Post by Pete » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:52 pm

that's what the msm goons were saying on the tv news just now

Georgia residents demand commissioner resign after calling John Lewis 'racist pig'

Dozens of residents in Gwinnett County, Georgia have demanded that a commissioner resign after he called Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights movement icon, a "racist pig."

"If he's an elected official that is supposed to represent the whole district, how can he have views like that, how can he spread views like that," said Larry Burrell, according to FOX 5. "That is not what we are about here in Gwinnett County."

Residents held signs reading "No county for vile men" and "Hunter must go."

Commissioner Hunter called Lewis a "racist pig" on his Facebook page after the congressman said that he thought President Trump's election was illegitimate.

Hunter did apologize last week, although some resident at the meeting said that they did not feel his apology was sincere. ... t-pig.html
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