28-year-old man suffers stroke from cracking his neck

Just what the doctor ordered
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28-year-old man suffers stroke from cracking his neck

Post by Pete » Sat May 04, 2019 1:18 pm

Ok. (CBS) -- A man from Oklahoma says he suffered a stroke after stretching and cracking his neck, tearing an artery.

Josh Hader told CBS News his neck had been sore for more than a week before the stroke occurred, and he thought sleeping in an uncomfortable position may have caused the pain. The 28-year-old twisted his neck to pop it one morning and immediately knew something went wrong.

"Right after I heard a pop, everything on my left side went numb," Hader told CBS News. "It started to tingle... I kind of thought I was having a stroke, but I didn't believe it."

He couldn't walk straight and his vision blurred. He quickly realized he had to go to the emergency room. Hader's father-in-law rushed him to Mercy Hospital in Guthrie. "My father-in-law was holding my right side, trying to assist me in, and I remember almost taking him down."

Once they got to the hospital, a swarm of doctors and nurses converged on Hader. He knew it was serious and he soon got the diagnosis he feared: He was having a stroke.

Fortunately, Hader's stroke was not life-threatening, but he did spend almost a week in the ICU and suffered several complications. He started therapy to relearn how to walk, something he said he used to take for granted. "Immediately after [the stroke] I was unable to walk without a walker... and a few days after it was only 10 to 20 feet without a walker. I would get exhausted," he said. .................................

https://www.ozarksfirst.com/news/28-yea ... 1978503565

(oh great something else to worry about)
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Re: 28-year-old man suffers stroke from cracking his neck

Post by Lily » Sat May 04, 2019 2:46 pm

Now I'll freak every time I'm watching someone crack their neck. Scary!!!
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