Georgia dermatologist danced around patients as she cut them

Just what the doctor ordered
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Georgia dermatologist danced around patients as she cut them

Post by Pete » Mon May 21, 2018 7:00 pm

and ended up killing at least one of them

ATLANTA - Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte’s website calls her “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon,” but a Channel 2 Action News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution consumer investigation discovered she’s had plenty of experience dealing with malpractice cases.

Boutte refused to answer consumer investigator Jim Strickland’s questions about five malpractice settlements, four pending lawsuits against the doctor, and more than 20 videos previously posted on YouTube.

Some featured the board-certified dermatologist dancing and singing around exposed, unmoving patients. In one Boutte made incisions while she sang and cavorted to the camera. ... ntent=news

".......The sisters said they were each expecting a procedure called SmartLipo, an upscale technique in which a laser is used to remove fat. Through the course of their case against the doctor, they learned Boutte actually performed conventional liposuction.

When McFarland later went to Boutte for a “revision” procedure, she was told she would not be heavily sedated and would not need a ride home. McFarland said she woke up the next morning in a hotel near the doctor’s office.

“I was put to sleep, and then I woke up some 18 hours later in the hotel bedroom with a McDonald’s sandwich in my hand, one bite out of it,” McFarland said. She also showed Strickland a receipt from her hotel stay on which her name was misspelled as “Mitzy." McFarland believes Boutte forged her signature.

In a deposition, Lee Brown, an employee of Boutte said she and the doctor drove McFarland to the hotel. She also said Boutte would have handled the check-in....." ... /753807760
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