A rabbit, turtle, and a buzzard inherit a farm.....

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A rabbit, turtle, and a buzzard inherit a farm.....

Post by Pete » Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:46 am

....WAY out in the middle of nowhere. They hooked up their horse-drawn wagon and after several days they reached the farm. They looked around and decided if they were going to farm, somebody would have to go get fertilizer. The rabbit drew the short straw.

After a grueling weeks ride the rabbit finally arrived back with a loaded wagon, but while he was gone they had struck oil on the property. In place of the farmhouse there was a luxurious mansion with a beautifully manicured lawn and decorative fountains.

The rabbit knocked on the door and when the butler answered, the rabbit said "What the hell, where's the turtle?"
The butler said, "Mr Tur-Tell is down by the well"

The rabbit then said, "Where's the buzzard?". Butler replied, "Mr Buz-Zard is in the back yard"

The rabbit said, "Oh really? Well you tell them Mr Rab-Bit is here with the chit!"
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