WTC7 - the facts (for Antifa)

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WTC7 - the facts (for Antifa)

Post by Shred » Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:31 am

Fact 1, WTC7 was a stones throw from WTC1.

Fact 2, when WTC1 collapsed top down, debris was showered outwards because the lower floors offered some resistance and every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Some of that debris hit WTC7 and tore a gash from top to bottom into it's south face causing structural damage and setting fire to it's contents.


The dark line in this photo is where debris from WTC1 tore a gash, whilst at the base of the building there was a large hole.

Fact 3, the water mains got hit and there was no water pressure to fight the fires inside. Fireboats John D McKean, John J Harvey and Fire Fighter had to be brought online, but by the time they were pumping, it was too late to save WTC7, the building was fully involved in fire, and was bulging between floors 10 and 13 on it's south west corner indicating a loss of structural integrity.

Firefighters put a transit on it, they could see the building moving.
They feared collapse and pulled firefighters back.
The firefighter who gave the order to pull back was Fire Chief Daniel Nigro.

This is firefighter Miller stating that the building was definitely coming down and there was no way to put the fire out, because the structural integrity was already gone.

Fact 4, this is Steve Spak's footage of WTC7 smoke is visible gushing from every floor on the south side.

Fact 5, this is Vince De Mentri's footage of WTC7, taken half an hour before collapse:

Fact 6, this is Vince De Mentri's footage of the collapse (it includes raw sound):

Fact 7, eyewitness accounts: ... fwtc7fires
I had a clear view down Washington Street of Building Seven, which was on the north edge of the site. All forty-seven stories were on fire. It was wild. The MPs said the building was going to collapse. I said, "Nah, I don't know." And then all of a sudden I watched the building shake like an earthquake hit it, and the building came down." –Ground Zero Superintendant Charlie Vitchers
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