Like the real estate bust in 2007

How do you think we are doing?
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Like the real estate bust in 2007

Post by Falstaff2 » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:48 am

the coming Wall St bust will be devastating and all those who should be working to avoid the catastrophe are just riding the crest of the wave thinking the good times will outlast them. The boom is largely built on the Fed's free money to investment banks which gave US interest free financing on extravagant SUVs, furniture and GOOD TIMES for one and all. But consider that the real estate bust eventually led to real estate being foreclosed on which realized a significant average selling price. There isn't much to be realized from repossessing SUVs and nothing from GOOD TIMES. And the prime rate has no where to go but up. Where does that leave US?

Of course the president thinks the Wall St bubble is cancelling national debt............... Shows you how dumb he is.
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