dem Senator’s Husband Punched Ex-Wife, Then Urinated On Her (Details)

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dem Senator’s Husband Punched Ex-Wife, Then Urinated On Her (Details)

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:49 am

Dem Senator’s Husband Punched Ex-Wife, Then Urinated On Her (Details)

Published 10 hours ago

on October 19, 2018

By John S.

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Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill is facing a tough challenge in Missouri.

She won’t skate to victory by any means.

A new report claims McCaskill’s husband punched his ex-wife’s sore “cancer breasts” and urinated on her.
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Seems like a story the media should jump on any time now.

From Daily Wire:

Joseph Shepard, the husband of Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, was accused by his ex-wife of committing horrifying acts of domestic violence against her, according to a protection order filed against him by his ex-wife.

The newly-discovered allegations could damage McCaskill’s campaign after she opposed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Fox News reported:

In 1993, Shepard’s then-13-year-old daughter called the police to report that her mother, Suzanne Shepard, was a victim of a late-night assault, according to a police report obtained by Fox News. Shepard was listed as the only involved person. No charges were filed after the incident.

Five years later, in 1998, police were called again to the Shepard house. The police reported the wife claiming Shepard came to retrieve a carpet from the house and got involved in a dispute over marital problems. He then “proceeded to grab her right arm and push her,” the incident report read.


The alleged attacked prompted his ex-wife to file “an adult abuse petition for order of protection” against Joseph Shepard in which she documented a disturbing pattern of alleged violence and abusive behavior from her husband.

“I put my hands up to protect my breasts as they are sore (cancer),” Suzanne Shepard wrote. “He has hit me before in the breast. He grabbed my wrist and arm and pushed me up against the wall & I hit my head & back & he bruised my arms by pinching me.”

“I am afraid of respondent and there is an immediate and present danger of abuse or stalking of me,” Suzanne Shepard continued. “He has tripped me, hit me before (police were called by my daughter), punched my cancer breast, peed on me, pushed me down and slapped me.”

More on Claire, via Kansas City Star:

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. – African American leaders in Missouri are frustrated with what they see as Sen. Claire McCaskill’s lackluster engagement with minority voters.

Frustrated enough that they refused to sign a letter pushing back against comments made last month by Bruce Franks, a prominent black activist and state legislator from St. Louis, who called on McCaskill to “show up” and earn the support of minority voters in her state.

“I’m going to vote for Claire, but Claire is going to have to bring her ass to St. Louis,” Franks said to applause at a town hall he hosted Feb. 17.

In response to Franks comments, McCaskill had asked African American elected officials in Kansas City and St. Louis to sign the letter. ... r-details/

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