Senate Intel Chief LEAKED Nat’l Security Info to Reporters, Dated One Of Them

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Senate Intel Chief LEAKED Nat’l Security Info to Reporters, Dated One Of Them

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:53 pm

Senate Intel Chief LEAKED Nat’l Security Info to Reporters, Dated One Of Them
John S. October 15, 2018

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James A. Wolfe served as head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He was director of security for nearly three decades.

Wolfe has now pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, regarding leaks of national security information to reporters.

Also, Wolfe dated a reporter for the New York Times.

From Fox News:

A former security director for the Senate Intelligence Committee has pleaded guilty to one count of giving a false statement to FBI agents looking into leaks of national security information to several reporters, including one at the New York Times he dated, the Justice Department announced Monday.

James A. Wolfe, 58, was in charge of maintaining all classified information coming from the executive branch to the Senate panel. He served as the panel’s security director for 29 years.


Wolfe lied to the FBI in December 2017 about contacts he had with three reporters, according to a statement of offense released Monday as part of his guilty plea. He also allegedly lied about giving two reporters non-public information about committee matters. His guilty plea on Monday to one count means that the other two counts against him will be dismissed.

President Trump this summer said Wolfe’s arrest “could be a terrific thing” and called him a “very important leaker.”

“I’m a big, big believer in freedom of the press,” Trump told reporters. “But I’m also a believer in classified information. It has to remain classified.”

Earlier this year, the New York Times revealed that federal investigators had seized years’ worth of email and phone records relating to one of its reporters, Ali Watkins. She previously had a three-year romantic relationship with Wolfe, the Times reported, adding that the records covered a period of time before she joined the paper. Watkins worked previously for BuzzFeed, Politico and McClatchy.

More from Politico, which notes Wolfe could serve up to six months in prison:

Under federal sentencing guidelines, Wolfe is likely to receive between zero and six months in prison. The maximum possible sentence is five years and a $250,000 fine.

While Wolfe will remain free pending sentencing set for Dec. 20, prosecutor Jocelyn Ballantine asked Jackson to confirm that the former Senate aide will remain under court order not to disclose any classified information and not to apply for any job that involves access to such information.

Burton emphasized that Wolfe was not conceding that he disclosed anything classified, nor did he face any charge of that sort.


“Mr. Wolfe is not charged with leaking classified information. That’s an important point,” the defense attorney said.

Burton said what Wolfe was acknowledging as part of his plea “makes very clear the information he is charged with providing is unclassified information.”

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