The LYING libturd democrat media’s Shameless DeSantis Smears

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The LYING libturd democrat media’s Shameless DeSantis Smears

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:27 am

The Media’s Shameless DeSantis Smears
Daniel Greenfield

Posted: Sep 22, 2018 12:01 AM

Ron DeSantis spoke at the 2017 Restoration Weekend of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. That’s the event that a Washington Post hit piece described as a gathering of “right-wing provocateurs.”

Also speaking at the 2017 Weekend was Medal of Honor winner Clinton Romesha.

Romesha received the Medal of Honor after leading a defense against 300 Taliban fighters despite taking wounds from a rocket-propelled grenade. CNN called him, “An American Hero”. Barack Obama placed the Medal of Honor over his head. Does the Washington Post believe he’s a “provocateur”?

The Washington Post’s Beth Reinhard and Emma Brown are not the first to use the Restoration Weekend, an eclectic gathering of thinkers, activists and leaders of different races and religions from around the world, to smear attendees. And other fake news media outlets picked up these lies.

Esquire accused the Restoration Weekend of being an event for white supremacists.

At the 2013 Restoration Weekend, Ron DeSantis spoke. As did Sonnie Johnson: an African-American conservative activist who combines hip-hop quotes with tributes to Reaganomics.

Some white supremacist.

If DeSantis is a racist for speaking at Freedom Center events, so are Larry Elder, Sheriff Clarke, Allen West, K. Carl Smith, Sonnie Johnson, and many other African-American conservatives.

Newsweek labeled David Horowitz, the Jewish leader of the Freedom Center, a “race war theorist”. It quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center’s smear of Horowitz as an "anti-black extremist.” That’s the lefty group which had to pay out $3.3 million to a Muslim for calling him an “anti-Muslim extremist”.

The SPLC is as reliable as Newsweek.

David Horowitz has spent a lifetime fighting for civil rights alongside African-American activists on the left and on the right. Freedom Center events bring together conservatives of all colors and creeds. Horowitz and his team have worked to expose the exploitation and abuse of the black community by the Democrats as documented in, The New Shame of the Cities, bringing to light facts ignored by the media.

Horowitz has made school choice for African-American children a priority for the Trump administration while the Washington Post and the media prefer to trap them in failing schools. Those schools don’t exist to educate children, but to subsidize teachers’ unions, which fund and organize for the Democrats.

That’s not just racism. It’s a plantation politics whose bureaucratic slavery exploits African-American children as chattel, using their bodies to create wealth and votes for white lefties.

Like Horowitz, DeSantis supports school choice for African-American children. That’s why he voted in favor of the SOAR Act that provided school vouchers to Washington D.C.’s overwhelmingly African-American population.

The Washington Post spread its smear of DeSantis and the Freedom Center all over the internet, but after all those smears, where’s the actual racism?

The Post never delivers on its premise. After launching a thousand libels, it acknowledges that there’s no substance behind them. “In three of the four speeches reviewed by The Washington Post, Mr DeSantis delivered sharp-edged conservative criticism of Democratic policies without explicitly touching on race.”

The media opposition researchers that turned “monkey this up” into a coded racist slur couldn’t find anything racist. So they settled for implying all the slanders that they could never actually prove.

Beth Reinhard and Emma Brown didn’t produce an original story. They watched a few videos, browsed Twitter and then launched a whispering campaign based on innuendo and out of context quotes into a media echo chamber. Their smear will hold until the next racist hit piece comes along.

This isn’t journalism. But it is the new media normal.

The Washington Post is at the top of a media ecosystem generating smears that scavengers in the ecosystem will turn into outright libels. The Post implies that there’s something vaguely racist about the Restoration Weekend. Newsweek and Esquire scream that the participants and speakers are Nazis. ThinkProgress declares that David Horowitz is “an avowed anti-black activist” and Splinter shrieks that the Restoration Weekend is an “annual gathering of racists”. This isn’t an accident. It’s how it works.

This isn’t really about the Freedom Center. It’s about the

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