Trump's Tax Cuts Convert Uber-Liberals Overnight Into Federalists

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Trump's Tax Cuts Convert Uber-Liberals Overnight Into Federalists

Post by psk836 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 3:32 pm

As four coastal liberal states sue the IRS over Trump's tax cuts, claiming the cuts place an unfair federal burden on their ability to plunder their state constituents. ... 0ced8f5303

In standard Progressive Orwell-speak:

"The complaint argues that those who drafted the Sixteenth Amendment understood that "the SALT deduction is essential to prevent the federal tax power from interfering with the States’ sovereign authority to make their own choices about whether and how much to invest in their own residents, businesses, infrastructure, and more—authority that is guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment and foundational principles of federalism." The SALT cap, the plaintiffs argue, disregards States’ rights and the "distinct and inviolable role in our federalist scheme." And, the complaint continues, "as many members of Congress transparently admitted, it deliberately seeks to compel certain States to reduce their public spending." That, the complaint argues, is unconstitutional."
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