SENILE IDIOT Nancy Pelosi Went On TV And No One Could Believe What Happened Next

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SENILE IDIOT Nancy Pelosi Went On TV And No One Could Believe What Happened Next

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:32 pm

Nancy Pelosi Went On TV And No One Could Believe What Happened Next

Nancy Pelosi is a walking disaster.

The Democrat leader in the House of Representatives has taken the lead in attacking Donald Trump at every opportunity.

But when she went on TV to blast the President, no one could believe what happened next.

Pelosi held her weekly televised press conference on Thursday.

Immigration was the main topic.

And Pelosi was asked about Trump’s new executive order which overrode the 1997 Flores consent decree and ended the long time policy of separating families at the border when adults are arrested for illegal entry.

Instead of applauding the President for committing to secure the border – a goal that is supported by an overwhelming majority of the American people – Pelosi melted down on camera for all the American public to see.

Pelosi whined, “The Democrats have taken full responsibly for securing our borders. We know that that is a responsibility that we have. But we don’t think that we have to put children in cages to do it. There is a better way.”

Pelosi continued ranting, “The president is either not knowing, not caring, delusional, in denial about his own policies being outside the circle of civilized human behavior.”

Of course it is fake news that Democrats support securing the border.

Democrats won’t vote for any bill that provides one cent for Donald Trump’s border wall.

Yet a little over ten years ago, Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama voted for legislation to fund 600 miles of border fence.

Now the Democrat base considers any effort to deter illegal immigration as “white supremacy.”

The Democrats radicalism allowed Donald Trump to reframe the debate on more favorable terms.

The President tweeted:

“The Border has been a big mess and problem for many years. At some point Schumer and Pelosi, who are weak on Crime and Border security, will be forced to do a real deal, so easy, that solves this long time problem. Schumer used to want Border security – now he’ll take Crime!”

Trump later followed that up by hammering home the point that Nancy Pelosi is fighting for completely open borders:

“Democrats want open Borders, where anyone can come into our Country, and stay. This is Nancy Pelosi’s dream. It won’t happen!”

Democrats and the media celebrated Trump’s executive order as a massive retreat.

But the zero tolerance policy of prosecuting illegal aliens who cross the border for a crime is popular.

It polls higher than the “catch and release” policy of the Obama administration that Pelosi and other Democrats long to return to.

Pelosi’s on-camera performance – where she called enforcing immigration law “outside the circle of human behavior” – will only demonstrate to the American people that the Democrats immigration policy is outside the circle of rational human thought.

Democrats think they scored a huge victory.

But because of Pelosi – and the Democrats – extremism on the issue, they’ve actually positioned themselves for a massive defeat.

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