CONSTITUTION HATING libturd democrat Gun Control’s Greatest Accomplishment is Skyrocketing Gun Thefts

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CONSTITUTION HATING libturd democrat Gun Control’s Greatest Accomplishment is Skyrocketing Gun Thefts

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:08 pm

Gun Control’s Greatest Accomplishment is Skyrocketing Gun Thefts
daveJune 19, 2018

If you listen to what most gun control advocatess are saying, they are claiming that more and stricter gun control laws will help reduce gun violence and crime in general. Somehow, they believe that if they make it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy, own or possess a firearm or certain firearms, that it will also keep guns out of the hands of criminals and people who shouldn’t have them.

Isn’t the very definition of a criminal, someone who breaks the law? If so, what makes anyone believe that they will obey the gun control laws.

The evidence is the fact that gun thefts across America are skyrocketing at an alarming rate and a lot of it is due to gun control.

(Great American Politics) – The push for more gun control laws and passage of more gun control laws and ordinances is having a direct impact on guns. The impact is exactly what many conservatives, including myself, have been predicting and what Democrats and the media said would never happen.

Gun thefts throughout the United States are skyrocketing. Criminals are breaking into police cars, homes and gun stores so they can steal as many guns as they can find and carry.

Every day, I go to Chrome – news – firearms, and every day, there are a list of articles on gun thefts or law enforcement seizing stolen guns and guns in the illegal possession of firearms. Here are a few examples I found yesterday:

L.A. sheriff’s detectives seize more than 500 firearms from felon’s home

ATF: At least 5 raid Sharonville gun shop, stealing 50 firearms

Three Southeast Missouri me indicted for “lying and buying’ firearms

17 arrests, 55 firearms, heroin, $500K in cash recovered as law enforcement takes down drug operation…

We have been telling anti-gun liberals for years that criminals will find a way to get their guns and these statistics support that warning, which makes it seem more obvious that reducing crime and gun violence isn’t their primary motive, but as some have admitted, they intend to keep fighting until all private ownership of firearms is banned. They will succeed if conservatives like you and me, sit back and let them.

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READ MORE HERE: ... un-thefts/

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