"How sad..........look at what America has become."

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"How sad..........look at what America has become."

Post by barrysoetoro » Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:16 pm

The stupidest, most ignorant post of all time. What has our country become???
  • Gays openly parading, now serving openly in the military
  • Separate bathrooms for transgenders
  • Illegals coming in hordes, clogging up our schools, hospitals, taking benefits that Americans need
  • Blacks pushing whitey out of the way and have more rights
  • The EPA (you know, the clean air & skies thing)
  • Be nice and don't offend anymore. Can't say the "N" word, you can insult whites, Christians, etc
  • Affirmative action (if you're white, you get less 'points')
  • The VA has come far and given veterans better (but still substandard) treatment
  • Foreign companies can do business and invest here
  • Illegal aliens can get scholarships
The fabulous 50's???? Did you liberals see any of that above back then???? You damned liberals wanted all that, and you got it.... and you're still saying, "look at what America has become"??????

Think before you say stupid things you ignorant pos.
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