WAD OF libturd democrat UNFUNNY SH*T Kimmel Exploits Children’s Deaths in Order to Trash Trump

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WAD OF libturd democrat UNFUNNY SH*T Kimmel Exploits Children’s Deaths in Order to Trash Trump

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sun May 20, 2018 5:31 pm

Kimmel Exploits Children’s Deaths in Order to Trash Trump
By Andrew West May 19, 2018

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Jimmy Kimmel is making my job very, very easy as of late, given that the comedian has wholly eschewed decency, decorum, and class in order to constantly barrage our Commander in Chief with his liberal libel.

We can’t forget just what a hypocrite Kimmel is and how he is unafraid to allow his previous statements completely contradict himself in the modern day. You see, in 2018, Jimmy Kimmel has become the left’s de facto social justice junkie in late night, often conjuring up a cascade of crocodile tears anytime that he needs to look impassioned about a subject. Of course, the left would like you to forget all about Kimmel’s chauvinist start on The Man Show.

Now, in the wake of the Sante Fe, Texas school shooting yesterday, Kimmel has skipped the pleasantries and condolences, giving them each a brief bit of lip service before tearing into President Trump over the incident. In the midst of his monologue, Kimmel went on this tirade:

“And, once again, our leaders are sending their thoughts and prayers. President Trump said he is with the people of Santa Fe in this tragic hour and will be with them forever—except for when it comes time to do something. Then he will not be with them,” he continued. “And neither will any of the congresspeople—or governors—who don’t ever do anything because they are fearful that it will hurt them politically. They know the truth. They know this has gone too far. But they’re too cowardly to do the right thing. They care more about the support of the NRA than they do about children.”

Kimmel, fighting back tears, wasn’t done. “So they sit there, with their hands in their pockets, pockets that are full of gun money, and do nothing. They just wait for the outrage to pass, because it didn’t happen to their children. There’s only one way to look at this: How would you feel and what would you do if these were your children who were killed today?” he said. “The truth about our democracy is that the people don’t make laws, we vote for those who do. So… the least you can do is register to vote right now. I mean the only way we can make any meaningful impact on this epidemic is to make sure we vote for politicians who will do something.”

Any time that Jimmy Kimmel tries to make a serious point, it only takes remembering that he is a racist, misogynist twerp to write him off.

Oh, and feel free to share this article with any of your liberal friends who are trying to defend the jerk.


https://constitution.com/kimmel-exploit ... ash-trump/

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