Congressman: DOJ Is ‘Lying Through Their Teeth’!

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Congressman: DOJ Is ‘Lying Through Their Teeth’!

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sat May 19, 2018 3:51 pm

Congressman: DOJ Is ‘Lying Through Their Teeth’!
It's time we get to the bottom of more than just this Russian collusion corruption in the DOJ and FBI. We need the documents to deal with the criminal actions in the Obama administration, as well.
Tim Brown — May 19, 2018

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Retiring Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) recently chimed in on the ongoing exposure of corruption inside the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to Issa, when asked if Congress was getting honest answers from the FBI and DOJ, he plainly responded, "No, I don’t. I believe they’re lying through their teeth."

Issa recently appeared on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss what's been going on at the DOJ and the FBI.

Congressmen Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) are seeking to uncover information regarding a top intelligence source with regard to what has been called a "witch hunt" in the ongoing Mueller investigation.

Issa, who is the former chairman of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee, as well as a member of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Committees, immediately commented on the stonewalling that Gowdy has received during Congress' querying of documents.

"I’ve been in their shoes of having to sit at the table in meetings with Justice [Department officials], and then having to turn that “good conversation” into actual production of documents," said Issa.

"I once sat in the capitol with Eric Holder as he told me there were only 200 documents, and he would give us those documents in an unprecedented way if we put an end to the investigation of Fast & Furious," he added. "Tens of thousands of additional documents, some of them showing his actual interference with the discovery process, and we’re still not done with it."

"It is very, very much a tradition at the Department of Justice to come in an tell Congress what they want to hear, lie to them if necessary, hope they don’t get caught on their watch," Issa continued.

Bartiromo then asked him point blank whether or not he believed he was getting honest answers from the FBI and the DOJ.

"No, I don’t. I believe they’re lying through their teeth," Issa said forthrightly. "If you want to tell the truth, do the same thing you do in front of a federal judge. Allow a full in camera review."

"I’m not there at the negotiating table, this is now Trey Gowdy’s watch, but when I was there we would most often say, ‘If you say it is too voluminous and it will take too long, great, we’ll sit by your side and search and look and narrow down things we don’t need,’" Issa continued. "But to do that, we need to see everything unredacted… Give our investigators, who have clearances, the opportunity to sift through. This is exactly what they didn’t do in Fast & Furious or Benghazi, or the IRs. And it took IGs, subpoenas, FOIA, and judges. And we still don’t have the whole truth in each of those cases, particularly, Benghazi and Fast & Furious."

Yes, and we not only don't have the documents, but Eric Holder has continued to operate in the united States unhindered though he was held in contempt of Congress years ago for withholding those documents.

Issa believes that if Congress does not get the information it needs and Republicans lose seats to Democrats in November that the investigation will be quietly swept under the rug.

Bartimoro then said, "And now with the investigation around the FBI’s handling of the 2016 election, we’re circling around this so-called 'FBI Source' Kim Strassel at the Wall Street Journal wrote about this last week, and she asks, 'Did the Bureau engage in outright spying against the 2016 Trump campaign?' in her op-ed."

"You look at the Washington Post, and they know all sorts of things about this 'FBI Source,' that the FBI says they can’t reveal, so how come the Washington Post knows all the details?" she questioned.

Issa explained that this is very common in Washington.

"Each side has a tendency to not hold material the way the should when they need material to prove their point. and the administration, particularly under President Obama did that regularly," he said. "They gave half stories, sometimes even giving it to Elijah Cummings and the Democrats before we even saw it on our subpoena."

He then added:

"The important thing is: It is very clear that we are being asked to trust the Department of Justice who we know did, in fact, use a law that allows them to spy but lied to get the warrants, lied to a federal judge under the FISA act. So this is one of the challenges. Make no bones about it. A FISA warrant is, in fact, a license to spy. Now the question is did you lie, cheat or steal in order to do that?

And very clearly with the information presented behind closed doors to the federal judge, the fact is they did mislead the judge to get a warrant multiple abilities to spy, and now we’re asked to believe that you can trust the very people, not the management for a moment, but the very people who know this and are covering it up.

Most of those people haven’t retired. Some of them knew about it when they broke the law or misled a federal judge, and they don’t want us to know it, and it is not about Republican/Democrat. it is about the fact that

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