Report: What COMMUNIST libturd SCUM De Blasio Does with Poor People When No One’s Looking

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Report: What COMMUNIST libturd SCUM De Blasio Does with Poor People When No One’s Looking

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:24 am

Report: What De Blasio Does with Poor People When No One’s Looking

By Cillian Zeal
April 23, 2018 at 8:13am

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio rode into office back in 2013 on a platform dedicated in part to class warfare. It was us vs. them, de Blasio said, and he would be the champion of the 99 percent.

So, how’s that worked out? Well, a look at his tax returns reveals just how serious Mayor de Blasio is about helping the impoverished of New York City. You may be surprised to learn that he’s not too big on giving. Actually, you probably won’t be.

According to the New York Post, the mayor gave just $350 to charity in 2017.

That’s out of a gross income of $223,449. That represents roughly 0.16 percent of his income.

“It marked a significant drop from the first couple’s charitable giving in 2016 — when de Blasio was up for re-election — of $2,088 to charity,” the Post reported.

“Asked about the donation gap, mayoral spokesman Austin Finan responded that ‘the mayor is not a rich man.’”

Yeah, $223,449 a year certainly makes one penurious. While writing for Conservative Tribune is a pretty high-profile, jet-setting gig, I certainly don’t make $223,449. Nor do most people who live in the city de Blasio rules over.

Yet, I’ve certainly given more than $350 to charity in the last year, and I’m not even the mayor of any place. Mayors are supposed to set an example — and giving to charity is part of how you do that.

Given de Blasio’s crypto-socialist leanings, one might think he would be even more inclined to give to charity. Alas, when it’s not an election year and nobody’s looking, he can’t be bothered to spend any more than the cost of an iPad on charity.

While Mayor de Blasio may not have the same financial resources as his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, let’s face facts — once he leaves Gracie Mansion, he’s going to be getting speaking engagement after speaking engagement. (Probably just not to police or law enforcement groups.) In short, cash flow should not be a concern for him.

As Amanda Prestigiacomo noted over at The Daily Wire, this is hardly a new phenomenon. In fact, Democrats give significantly less to charity than their Republican counterparts do.

In the case of de Blasio, she noted, he and his wife spent $150 more to get their taxes prepared than they gave to charity. They have two Park Slope rental properties that they got massive tax write-offs on. They have a kid in Yale.

And yet, Bill is more than happy to take your money through the force of the government to give it to the needy, only with a massive strata of bureaucracy acting as a profoundly expensive middleman.

De Blasio is one of the more transparent frauds in the Democratic Party when it comes to this sort of thing, but he’s far from the only one.

Why, just ask the people of Haiti where that Clinton Foundation money to rebuild after the earthquake ended up going. Spoiler alert: not to Haiti.

This is the great paradox of American liberalism. They don’t think you should be able to keep your money because they have better, more humanitarian uses for it. However, when it comes to their money, they’re more than willing to hold onto it.

It’s not for a lack of charities to give to. It’s not because these politicians are impoverished. It’s just, one guesses, because they believe “charity” should be the sole responsibility of the government.

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