Levin: America is a Nation of Citizens Not Immigrants

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Levin: America is a Nation of Citizens Not Immigrants

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:25 pm

Levin: America is a Nation of Citizens Not Immigrants

By Randy DeSoto
February 24, 2018 at 10:22am
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Radio talk show host Mark Levin made the case that contrary to the liberal mantra, America is a “nation of citizens, not immigrants.”

He further proclaimed that efforts by liberals to take out President Donald Trump will succeed over conservatives’ “dead bodies.”

“How can we be a nation of immigrants?” asked Levin. “We allow immigrants. Our ancestors were allowed into this country, under certain conditions, with certain requirements, and they had to assimilate into this country.”

“They wanted to assimilate into this country,” the commentator continued. “They escaped one kind of persecution or another. My ancestors didn’t come into this country bearing Russia flags demanding a d— thing. They came in here and they got freedom and that’s what they wanted.”

Levin recounted they wanted to learn English, assimilate into the society and be part of its culture.

“No country can survive with open borders, none!” he contended. “No country can survive without its culture. No country can survive without assimilation.”

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Levin next called out members of Congress, Democrat and Republican, who appear to value illegal immigrants over American citizens.

“We actually have members of Congress who defy the citizenry, who defy their own constituents,” Levin stated. “They spend more time debating the fate of illegal aliens, then they spend debating the fate of the American citizen.”

“Years ago right here at CPAC I said we have dreamers too, you know,” Levin recalled to loud applause. President Donald Trump incorporated the line in his State of the Union Address in January.

The conservative firebrand went on the praise Trump for governing as a conservative, likening the president to his old boss Ronald Reagan.

Levin said the 45th president’s accomplishments in his first year are particularly impressive because “he is spending half of its time trying to undo what Obama put in place,” including the Iran nuclear deal and the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program.

The talk show host went on to observe it is up to conservatives to have Trump’s back against the forces that are trying to take him out.

“I don’t care if you agree with the president on everything or not, they’re trying to take him out and it’s our obligation to defend this man, and to defend his office, to defend the presidency,” Levin declared, which prompted hearty applause from the CPAC crowd.

“There is hope,” Levin exhorted as he closed. “It’s a daunting battle considering how many instrumentalities of government the left controls.”

He said there are tens of millions who care about the future of the country and can have Trump’s back.

“Let me tell you something,” Levin stated. “We do have a president of the United States, you can say what you will, who loves this country, who loves its history, who loves its people, and we need to stand with him because they want to take him out over our dead bodies!”

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Re: Levin: America is a Nation of Citizens Not Immigrants

Post by barrysoetoro » Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:36 pm

Exactly what I said ages ago. I'm not an immigrant. My grandparents WERE, but they haven't been for almost 100 years...
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