New AMERICA HATING libturd democrat leftist Move to Prevent the Elderly From Voting

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New AMERICA HATING libturd democrat leftist Move to Prevent the Elderly From Voting

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:46 am

New Leftist Move to Prevent the Elderly From Voting

By Ben Marquis
November 21, 2017 at 6:11pm

For many years liberals have decried voter ID laws, insisting that the disenfranchise minority voters, particularly those who are poor or elderly.

Yet while they shout from one side of their mouth that everyone — including non-citizens — should be allowed to vote in our elections, out of the other side of their mouths they are grumbling about how the elderly no longer deserve the right to vote, since they don’t vote progressive enough.

The topic was raised in July by Canadian outlet Maclean’s, with author Daniel Munro considering various arguments as to why the elderly should have their voting rights revoked at some point, such as around 70-years-old.

“The idea is that once citizens reach a certain age, they will be less concerned with our social, political, and economic future than younger generations and much less likely to bear the long-term consequences of political decisions and policies,” Munro wrote. “In that case, their votes ought to be discounted, or eliminated altogether, to ensure that the future is shaped by those who have a real stake in how it turns out.”

Munro cited polls showing older citizens care to a slightly lesser extent than younger generations about issues such as education, the environment, gay rights and other things that progressives hold dear, and focus too much on things like health care and lower taxes at the expense of debt in the future.

To be fair, while claiming that the elderly vote in a self-interested fashion, he admitted that younger voters do as well, but nevertheless proceeded to put forward the rest of the proposal that the elderly be excluded from voting, even as he stopped short of endorsing such a concept, and merely implied that the elderly should be nudged to vote in a less self-interested manner.

But Munro had only picked up where George Chesterton of GQ had left off in June 2016, around the time of the Brexit vote.

Chesterton’s scathing piece — which may have been tongue-in-cheek or actually deadly serious — decried the fact that older voters who favored leaving the European Union out-voted younger voters who may have wanted to stay in the failing globalist organization.

He put forth several points in his argument, such as the fact that the ramifications of Brexit would have a much greater impact on younger generations than the elderly, criticized the conservative-leaning media outlets the elderly tend to favor, and denounced their belief in a so-called “golden age” of an independent Britain.

That part about there not being any “golden age” in the U.K. for the elderly to return their nation to rings awfully similar to the cries from angry anti-Trump liberals who insist that “America was never great.”

Chesterton also noted that elderly people often have their drivers license revoked when they are deemed unfit to continue driving safely in our society, and also noted that prisoners are not allowed to vote, thus proving that revoking voting rights from certain segments of the population isn’t infringing upon democracy, or something.

Further, a piece in Time Magazine in Aug. 2016 that was couched in “humor,” but came across as a thinly-disguised real wish, also lamented the fact that old people tend to not vote the same as the more progressive younger generations.

However, the reality is that elderly voters vote the way that they do not because they are out of step with society around them, but in fact are more in tune with society than the younger generations think they are.

Indeed, the elderly are a vast compendium of knowledge acquired over the years on a great many subjects that grant them particular insight into what works and what doesn’t in a broader sense, and while it is true that some may vote in a self-interested manner for issues close to them — as does everyone else — they want want the wheels of society to keep turning for their children and grandchildren after they are gone as much as anyone.

Life Site noted that this push to exclude the elderly from voting — essentially clearing the way for young progressives to institute their socialist ideals without opposition from those who know better — is a sign of how little respect the current young generations have for the elderly, our ancestors and our nation’s history — as can be seen by the current war on Civil War and Founding Father statues.

It is also a frightening step toward the increasing normalization of euthanasia for the elderly — since they can’t vote anymore due to voting against “progress,” and no longer contribute to society as “workers,” there is little reason to keep them around any longer, as they no longer have any say in the matter and have become a “drag.”

This is disgusting — both euthanasia for the elderly as well as the proposal to strip them of their voting rights, whether seriously entertained or not — and should be opposed at all times.

Just because liberals don’t like how a certain portion of the population votes doesn’t mean they get to deny them a right to vote. ... tyalliance

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