libturd democratic Debauchery Gone Wild! 2016 Campaign Staffers Come Clean

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libturd democratic Debauchery Gone Wild! 2016 Campaign Staffers Come Clean

Post by illeatyourdates2 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:50 pm

Democratic Debauchery Gone Wild! 2016 Campaign Staffers Come Clean
By Andrew West November 17, 2017

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While there are plenty of reasons to be concerned over the ethics of the democratic party, it seems that the liberals are hellbent on piling on even more scandal.

The election of 2016 was a watershed moment for American politics, particularly due to the aftermath in which Hillary Clinton and the DNC were exposed as conniving, corrupt agents of favor whose back-scratching breast-for-tat was taken to an immoral extreme. Not only was Clinton openly cheating when it comes to the debates, (with the help of Donna Brazile), but the entire primary system was rigged in order to nullify the chances of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Now, over a year later, the democrats are demonstrating an ever more heinous level of sleaze as liberal kingmaker Harvey Weinstein and hard-left senator Al Franken have both been accused of uncouth and lewd sexual battery, effectively ending both of their careers.

It seems that this behavior is not confined to merely the more powerful denizens of the left either, as campaign staffers from the 2016 contest are coming forward to tell tales of rampant sexual harassment on the campaign trail that was wholly ignored by the democratic powers that be.

“Campaign workers on the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Democratic 2016 presidential campaigns alleged in a report published Friday that they were harassed while campaigning for their respective candidates and that the campaigns failed to address the claims properly — the latest sexual misconduct revelations to rock the Democratic Party.

“Lilian Adams, a Clinton campaign worker, and Zoey Jordan Salsbury, who worked for the Sanders primary campaign, both told HuffPost that they were sexually harassed by fellow campaign workers and that the campaigns were ‘ill-equipped’ to cope.

“Adams, who relocated to Colorado to work for the campaign as a paid organizer, said she was subject to homophobic remarks (Adams is bisexual) which went on to comments about her body and attempts to force her into one-on-one situations and get her to drink alcohol. Adams, then 19, said her harasser also encouraged her not to wear bras.

“While her abuser was eventually fired months after Adams first complained to superiors in June, he was reportedly later rehired in October to work on the campaign for a different state party, leaving her disillusioned. Clinton made the fair-and-equal treatment of women a central part of her campaign as the first woman to win the presidential nomination for a major political party.”

This systemic and preserve culture in which the democrats seemingly reside helps to create a frame of reference for America’s current conservative uprising.

The nation as a whole has been completely disgusted by the accusations reality of the democratic party over the course of the last year, and these latest claims of rampant sexual predation by the liberals simply adds to the already crooked and colluding image that Americans have of the left. While many in the party were considering 2018 a comeback year, the harsh reality is that the democrats are likely more doomed now than they were even a year ago. ... ome-clean/

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