But they stand for the Anthem

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But they stand for the Anthem

Post by evilconempire » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:27 pm

So how can their ratings be dropping even more than the NFL's?

http://awfulannouncing.com/ratings/foxf ... s-low.html

Michigan (FS1, 6/18) — 1.85 rating/3.1 million viewers (ratings down 16%/viewership off 9% from last year), lowest ratings since 1996, lowest viewership dating back to 2000.

Pocono (FS1, 6/11) — 2.2 rating/3.56 million viewers (ratings down from 2.3/viewership down 2% from last year), lowest-rated (excluding rainouts) since 2000 and least-viewed since 2001.

Dover (FS1, 6/4) — 2.1 rating/3.4 million viewers (ratings and viewership off 16% from 2016), lowest-rated race since at least 1998 and least-watched since 2001.

Charlotte (Fox, 5/28) — 2.8 rating/4.6 million viewers (ratings down 18%/viewership down 19%), lowest-rated since 1996 and least viewed since 2000.

Kansas (FS1, 5/13) — 1.55 rating/2.6 million viewers (rating down 18%/viewership decreased by 17% from the year before), tied as the lowest-rated race and 2nd lowest-viewed since 2011.

Talladega (Fox, 5/7) — 3.5 rating/5.9 million viewers (ratings down 13%/viewership off 11% from last year), lowest ratings since 1997 and lowest-viewed since 2001.

Richmond (Fox, 4/30) — 2.9 rating/4.6 million viewers (ratings dropped 6%/viewership down 4% from 2016), ratings tied for lowest since 2001 with viewership lowest since 2004.

Phoenix (Fox, 3/19) – 3.3. rating/5.4 million viewers (ratings down 18%/viewership off 19% versus last year), it was the 4th lowest-rated ever NASCAR race on Fox.

Las Vegas (Fox, 3/12) – 3.6 rating/6.0 million viewers (rating down 18%/viewership off 17% compared to last year), lowest ratings in the history of the race, viewership lowest since 2001

Atlanta (Fox, 3/5) – 3.8 rating/6.6 million viewers (ratings down 7%/viewership off 3% from last year), lowest race rating since 1998 for race following Daytona.

Daytona (Fox, 2/26) — 6.6 rating/11.9 million viewers (ratings flat/viewership up 5% from 2016), tied for second-lowest race since 1979.
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