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Cops Stop Woman Suspected of DUI. During Sobriety Test, She Turns Around to Cop on Ground

Little did she know that one of the officers had...By Jasmine Allen
on October 21, 2017 at 3:00pm
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Getting pulled over by a cop is a heart-racing situation, especially if you’ve violated a traffic regulation. Maybe the officer will hand you a ticket or just leave you with a warning.

The outcome is very unpredictable. Well, in the case of one California woman, cops recently pulled her over for a suspected DUI, which is even worse!

We may think we know how this ended, but the results were romantically surprising. In fact, Ellen Alexander cooperated with the Palmdale deputies as any upstanding civilian would, and it was all caught on camera.

During her sobriety test, Alexander was asked to look up toward the sky while tapping her nose. Little did she know that one of the officers had rushed over behind her to get on one knee.

As she turned around on commandment, Alexander was taken aback by the cop on the ground. It was her sweetheart, Deputy Kevin Bowes, asking for her hand in marriage.

In disbelief, Alexander charged over to Bowes and hugged him. “Is that a yes?” the hopeful man asked.

With tears flowing, Alexander calmly confirmed with a nod. The video eventually ended with a lot of hugging, smooching, and gushing.

All along, Alexander had been tricked into the staged traffic violation by her very clever, soon-to-be husband who set the whole thing up. The sweet proposal became an instant hit on the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station Facebook page.

People who knew the couple sent their congratulations. “To my nephew Kevin Bowes and future niece-in-love, Ellen Alexander, congratulations and may you be blessed with a lifetime of love and happiness,” Lisa Carter wrote.

“No way congratulations cuz!!!! Kevin Bowes I wish you guys the best! You guys are perfect together,” another said.

The sheriff’s department congratulated the future Mrs. Deputy Bowes and welcomed her to the “Tan & Green family,” then wished the couple a “wonderful life together.” In this case, a traffic stop turned into a sweet proposal and a happy ending.


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