600,000 people were told they had COVID-19 despite not being tested

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Re: 600,000 people were told they had COVID-19 despite not being tested

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https://thepostmillennial.com/600-000-p ... ing-tested

The healthcare program Tricare at the United States Department of Defense Military Health System falsely told more than 600,000 people they had been infected with the novel coronavirus, according to the Daily Wire. Turns out they had never been tested.

The email, apparently sent in error, read: "As a survivor of COVID-19, it’s safe to donate whole blood or blood plasma, and your donation could help other COVID-19 patients," the email stated. "Your plasma likely has antibodies (or proteins) present that might help fight the coronavirus infection. Currently, there is no cure for COVID-19. However, there is information that suggests plasma from COVID-19 survivors, like you, might help some patients recover more quickly from COVID-19."

One beneficiary took to Facebook to see if anyone else had received the strange email, saying: "Just wondering [if] anybody [got] an email from Tricare saying since you are a COVID survivor, please donate your plasma.?? I have NOT been tested ... Just remember all those people inputting data are human and make mistakes."

Human Military "issued a call to blood donors located near military installations that are collecting plasma from recovered coronavirus patients, also known as convalescent plasma, as a potential treatment for the illness," but it apparently went to every "beneficiary located near a collection point," according to a report from Military.com.

Human issued a formal apology just hours after, saying that "in an attempt to educate beneficiaries who live close to convalescent plasma donation centers about collection opportunities, you received an email incorrectly suggesting you were a COVID-19 survivor." The company added that "you have not been identified as a COVID-19 survivor and we apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused," according to the report.

The report noted that the corporate communications lead, Marvin Hill, admitted to the error, writing that "as a part of an effort to educate military beneficiaries about convalescent plasma donation opportunities, Humana was asked to assist our partner, the Defense Health Agency."

"Language used in email messages to approximately 600k beneficiaries gave the impression that we were attempting to reach only people who had tested positive for COVID-19. We quickly followed the initial email with a clear and accurate second message acknowledging this. We apologize."

The Daily Wire reported that other healthcare organizations have been epicenters of confusion, writing that "Nashville man Brock Ballou said he received at least three calls from the state regarding his apparent symptoms after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. Mr. Ballou said he was never tested, however."
Drump's military is a disaster, Cletus. :lo2l:
he's pulling 12000 troops out of Germany, he got us out of war in Syria. what the hell are you talking about Treadwell?
wow.. exactly what Putin requested. What's he going to do when Russia invades? Pull the rest of the troops? Or maybe he really does think Russia is our friend.
Check out the anti-war liberal nobrain now begging for war.

Hey, this idiot already forgot and bragged about how obama pulled missile defense out of Poland!

I'm sick and tired of Germany using us to defend them while they sit back and enjoy themselves. I don't like it when our country gets used.

this idiot no brain praised Obama in 2012 when he debated Romney, and told him off about how the cold war is over and we should give Russia flexibility.

How does it feel making an ass out of yourself? p

Pete, just admit you're paying this idiot to be a troll to keep your bored alive so people will debate and stay on it. Instead of getting bored with it.
Wow... another whiff... Obama didn't pull any missiles. They were never there. What he did was cancel a plan to put them there, saving the US billions of dollars.

And I'm looking forward to you proving your assertion that I praised Obama in '12. I voted for Romney. It's clear who's making an äśš of themselves.

Is there still a cold war? Please explain what you see as the cold war.
Who the f*** said a xxxx thing about missiles? Obama lectured Romney that the Cold War was over and we should kiss up to Russia! Damn you're stupid!

If I remember correctly, you're the same loser. Democrats good, Republicans bad.
Who said anything about missiles? You did. In case ou forgot, here's your quote:

"Hey, this idiot already forgot and bragged about how obama pulled missile defense out of Poland!'
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